Five Reasons for Digital Methods in Inspection

This article explores the reasons why an increasing amount of businesses are choosing to implement digital methods in inspection. Paperless checklists are already currently being used for occupational health and safety (OHS), facility management, asset maintenance, quality assurance, compliance and CMMS/work order. For more information visit

Physical Distance Alerts and mobile inspection; Pervidi upgrades

“One of the benefits of the new feature is that the information is stored within the Pervidi database and is only accessible by the Pervidi administrator.  Pervidi is the only paperless safety and inspection solution that offers this powerful, useful, and private functionality,” says Eitan Shibi, Chief Technology Officer at Techs4Biz. For more information visit …

Physical Distancing at the Workplace

Many workplaces are now taking new measures to mitigate risk and to ensure their business operations will not be interrupted. By introducing tracing report software to the workplace, employees will be alerted when physical distancing have not been followed and if an employee has been tested positive for COVID-19. For more information visit