Keeping a lid on Dangers with Digital Fire Inspection

95% of all fires are deemed extinguishable if the correct fire extinguisher is applied promptly in the situation. The frightening statistic that only 13% of people are aware of the differences in applying them raises many questions. The best combatant for workplace fires is through proper education and thorough inspection. The best way to do this is by using digital inspection checklists for fire inspections. Paperless solutions are becoming a powerful and versatile tool in the OHS and QA fields, many industries adopting the method and seeing dramatic results.

Fire Inspections using Mobile Devices pervidi

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Improving Australian Fire Inspection through Digital Prevention and Protection

Digital inspection solutions provide the best system to carry out a comprehensive fire inspection and testing. Via a paperless inspection platform, inspection officers and field personnel can monitor and check fire prevention materials, warning methods or fire handling systems such as hydrants or extinguishers. To assist inspection, employees can use features of mobile devices such as the camera to scan barcodes/RFID or take pictures of assets and equipment. 

Australian Fire Inspection and How Digital can Improve Prevention and Protection pervidi

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Winter Inspections using Digital Applications

Whilst many organisations operate out of office buildings, there are usually assets and equipment that have to withstand colder temperatures and inclement weather. For this reason, its important to understand how to adapt to colder periods in your inspections. The top way that businesses are easily shifting over to winter inspection checklists is using paperless inspection solutions. Compliance with regulations such as ISO 2810, 4665 or 15110 that guide how materials should be prepared and maintained to withstand weathering.

Winter Inspections using Paperless Applications pervidi

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Property Inspection using Digital Applications

This can mean inspecting it so that your business does not need to invest in repairs or as part of a pre-leasing rental agreement with a potential tenant. Letting a property for a tenant or performing mandatory building inspections follows the same basic principles of pre-use or within-use checks. Buildings need to adhere to legal safety standards for certain use, amongst general standards related to construction and upkeep.

Property Inspection using Paperless Applications pervidi

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Public Facility Inspection using Paperless Solutions

Today the solution for these needs is the mobile inspection solution, provided through the marriage of a mobile device in smartphone or tablet form with an inspection application. Premium solutions provide features such as photo taking through the devices’ camera and then further annotation using the touchscreen or stylus. This allows for highly detailed information to be captured regarding e.g. cleanliness conditions and what needs managing or whether there is excessive wear on a safety restraint. 

Public Facility Inspection using Mobile Devices pervidi

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