Utility Inspection using Digital Applications

With many businesses also choosing to move their operations digital, it’s even more fundamental to be on top of your organisation’s utility usage. Utility inspection should be a mainstay of any business inspection without impeding on your normal day-to-day activities.

Utility Inspection using Paperless Applications pervidi

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Oil and Gas Inspection with Digital Solutions

Oil and gas inspection requires both detailed techniques and measurements to collect data. Paper checklists have dominated inspections with no viable alternative until the introduction of mobile devices. Rugged devices and intrinsically safe devices with ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 and Zone 2 approval are available as fully-fledged smartphones with powerful functionalities.

Oil and Gas Inspection with Paperless Solutions – Avoiding Incidents pervidi

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Inspection using ISO 29001 of Oil and Gas

As the leading authority globally for publishing standards, the publication of ISO 29001 represents yet another big moment for an industry. For oil and gas organisations, there are several challenges in the form of supply chains and operations, not least in the current economic climate and the onset of a global pandemic.

ISO 29001 Management System Standard pervidi

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Mining Technology and Equipment going Digital

With outdated methods, it’s difficult to revolutionise business processes in the same way speed that the rest of the world progresses. Whilst the industry often takes the speed of regulatory bodies or technology of equipment, it is always good to be ahead of the curve; being an industry forefront leader rather than an industry ‘lagger’. 

Moving Mining Technology and Equipment from Paper to Digital pervidi

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