Naval Paperless Inspection Solutions for Marine Operations

From fishermen to container shipping, the surrounding seas are full of diverse businesses. Whilst the vast majority of people are operating in line with industry regulations such as ISO 21984:2018, incidents and mistakes can still slip through safety procedures. For more information visit

Maritime Inspection made Easy using Digital Solutions

The safety of vessels, maritime equipment and employees all depend on ongoing maintenance and effective management. For organisations and firms with assets and staff working at sea, the need for high-end successful monitoring of conditions is a 24-hour, 365-day job. The industry leaders in petroleum, tourism, mining and shipping are choosing to implement paperless inspection …

Digital Inspection Software for Marine Surveyors

Pervidi provides digital inspection software that aims to remove paper based system to improve accuracy, reliability and efficiency of data collection. Pervidi software can be adjusted to create checklists and audits for any process and operation to assist marine surveyor in creating thorough safety inspections. For more information visit

ISO 29400 and Offshore Wind Farm Inspection

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, the effect of a reduction in business, industry and transportation has visually shown how much better the planet feels without carbon-powered activity. The International Organization for Standards (ISO) have in light of this recently released ISO 29400, a new standard self-hailed as a “breath of fresh air” for the offshore wind …

Manufacturing Processes and Mobile Device Inspections

Manufacturing is the cornerstone of the industrial world, providing materials and/or products for virtually every industry. With advancements in technology and methodology, it is little surprise that manufacturing processes and inspections need the best management systems. For more information visit