Australian Fire Inspection and How Digital can Improve Prevention and Protection

As Australia reels from the scathing bushfires, it’s important to recognise and evaluate how fire inspection and prevention can be improved. For natural disasters, it can be easy to push prevention and protection efforts into the future, only to be caught out when it is really needed. For more information visit

Digital Environmental Inspection

The effect that any business has on the local surroundings has a profound impact on their sustainability as well as their appeal to today’s customers. It has been increasingly shown that millennials and generation Z in particular tend to choose organisations that are eco-conscious where possible. For more information visit

Electrical and Electronics Safety Inspection using Mobile Devices

The modern workplace is an ever-changing environment. As new technology and machinery become available and more heavily integrated, the importance of keeping a tight check on the workplace tools has never been so important. Electrical and electronics safety is a fundamental part of safety management procedures within any building, factory or facility. For more information …