Food and HACCP Inspection using Mobile Devices

Since the introduction of smartphones and tablets few years ago, the role of the mobile device has steadily increased from toys and gadgets used by early adopters to every day productivity tools deployed by organisations that aim to improve their work force productivity. For more information visit

Keeping a lid on Dangers with Fire Inspections using Mobile Devices

As the land of the bushfires and with high temperature throughout the year in certain parts of the country, Australian fire inspections safety is undoubtedly of paramount importance. 95% of all fires are deemed extinguishable if the correct fire extinguisher is applied promptly in the situation. For more information visit

Security and Safety Inspections at Sports Events and Venues are Ensuring Top Performances

Australia showcases some of the best sporting events on the planet with the region containing a host of different sports on land, air or sea. The numerous events and spectacles provide sporting fans with something to enjoy across the calendar. Thorough safety inspections at sports events and venues help ensure everyone can contribute to a …

Digital Sustainability is Vital for Organisations Thinking About the Future

Digital sustainability is not just about solving problems now, it’s about thinking about the future. Wherever you may be based, the recent and continuing lockdowns have indisputably showed the effect that humanity is having on the planet. For more information visit