High Rise Window Cleaning Safety Inspections

High rise window cleaning and safety inspections is a dangerous business often left for those with an appetite for adrenaline and nerves of steel. Yet the job must be done and recent safety efforts have continued to increase the safety for those involved in this industry. For more information visit pervidi.com.au

Digital Compliance Inspections in the Aviation Industry

The aviation industry doesn’t only revolve around aircraft, there are many processes in and around the airport that require attention for passengers to reach their destinations safely. A host of ground crew provide vital maintenance and compliance checks in between flights, of their own ground handling equipment and other safety procedures. For more information visit …

Tunnel Safety and the Importance of Modern Inspection Methods

Whilst improvement works and lengthy construction times can be tedious for commuters, the importance of keeping a tight check on a transport tunnel is paramount. Within construction, usage, maintenance and decommission, tunnels represent a part of modern infrastructure whereby detail is absolutely crucial. For more information visit pervidi.com.au