Electronic Forms for Mobile Devices in the Construction Industry

Many of the inspections and maintenance activities done in the Construction industry currently performed using paper based inspection sheets can now be performed with a range of electronic forms on mobile devices using paperless inspection application. For more information visit pervidi.com.au

Why a CMMS can Transform the Way you Work

Today the workplace is all about how you can integrate digital into what your organisation does. Big or small, the changes that you make can have a lasting impact on the profitability and proficiency of your operations. Many businesses are discovering how a CMMS can transform the way that they work. For more information visit pervidi.com.au

Mobile Device Distribution and Logistics Inspection

Numerous organisations can however save a lot of time and money by managing their logistics more effectively. This can mean what resources you import from a supplier, what products or services you provide to others or simply how you manage your business on a day-to-day basis. For more information visit pervidi.com.au

Amusement Park Inspection Software

Ensuring customer and staff safety and satisfaction is crucial for any business and as such, businesses must continuously strive to improve their safety practices and services on offer. Amusement parks and similar entertainment based services must uphold high standards of safety and quality as any touch point a customer interacts determines whether a customer has …

Digital Agriculture Inspection and the Power of Intelligent Farming

As one of the backbone industries of almost every country on the planet, agriculture represents a huge area for technology and operational methods to develop. As the combine harvester keeps getting more and more advanced, so too must the infrastructure and intelligence behind the tool. For more information visit pervidi.com.au