Mining Inspection Solutions

Pervidi Inspection Software tailors its functionality specifically for the mining industry by customising software to the mine and or inspectors needs. The benefit of using Pervidi is that the Pervidi inspection software and app automates checklists, making inspections more rigorous and both cost and time efficient. For more information visit

Easy and Effective Safety Inspections in Mining

A fast-changing environment means there is a constant requirement to monitor different assets, safety equipment and processes. Workers and organisations are today suffering from outdated, inefficient inspection methods based on the highly-dated pen and paper checklist inspection system.  For more information visit

Digital Safety Logbooks for Mining Organisations

Pre-shift inspections and logbooks ensure timely, accurate accounts of safety inspections and deficiencies detected before operating any type of heavy equipment or industrial vehicle. They are fundamental in monitoring performance over time against similar equipment, giving the possibility for a detailed ROI analysis. For more information visit