Physical Distancing at the Workplace

Many workplaces are now taking new measures to mitigate risk and to ensure their business operations will not be interrupted. By introducing tracing report software to the workplace, employees will be alerted when physical distancing have not been followed and if an employee has been tested positive for COVID-19.

physical distancing alert pervidi

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A Comparative Look at Inspection Software

When considering your business processes, it’s important to avoid overspending and making sure you get a good solution and ROI. For inspection services, it’s easy to think that printing out paper checklists or choosing a free paperless app, is a cheap sure-fire way to minimising costs. This way of thinking might not seem so straightforward and correct when a safety issue slips through and strikes or an asset malfunctions leaving you with high maintenance, legal or reparation costs.

Why Invest in Your Inspection Software? – A Comparative Look at why it Pays to go Premium

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Digital Field Service Application

By becoming a more mobile and digital workforce, Field technicians can work more efficiently, utilising the features of the  tablets or the smart phones to easily complete checklists, access reference manuals, capture defects and report in real-time to clients. Paperless field service application allows real time automation and increased service providers’ efficiency.

Paperless Field Service Application pervidi

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Digital Forms and Inspection

Electronic paperless inspections can be based on pre-defined checklists which reference standards and guidelines and ensure that all required information is easily accessible. For example, some of our customers use a variety of standards such as Australian standards, BCA, OSHA Construction Safety  which link their inspection findings with the appropriate regulations. Electronic references of such requirements save an enormous amount of time and ensure that reporting is timely and accurate.

Electronic Forms and Paperless Inspection Management Solution pervidi

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Digital Checklist App

Paperless checklist apps also have a wide range of measurable benefits. Corporations and businesses are able to be more up-to-date and efficient with their task execution; primarily because there is a greater access to an abundance of information. Digitalisation is also likely to save on costs due to fewer faults going unnoticed and more issues being discovered earlier in the problem stage cycle. Since all information can be accessed immediately without any use of paper forms and manual data entry, and all processes get a full cradle-to-grave life-cycle tracking, problems can be dealt with before they become irreversible.

paperless checklist app pervidi

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Inspecting via the Digital Australian Standards Checklist

By replacing paper with digital systems in can further encourage businesses to automate different processes as well as checklist. “Enabling each mobile user to access different functions and tailored workflow is another step towards complete automation of the mobile workforce” says Eitan Shibi, Techs4Biz CTO.  “Each field technician can now have access to exactly the functionality they require to complete their work.  For example, a safety inspector can access their specific equipment and safety checklists while a supervisor can have the ability to add new sites and access their team’s schedule.  Pervidi is the only paperless inspection product that offers such flexibility” says Eitan.

pervidi digital australian standards inspection

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Which mobile device to use for digital inspection

For many businesses consumer products may seem like the correct solution due to their accessibility and established awareness of the product, however; these products ultimately can provide businesses with a range of obstacles and problems. If businesses wish to continue to implement these devices due to company policy, cases can be equipped on the device to strengthen them and make them compatible in industrial environments  i.e. Intrinsically Safe, Ingress Protection Sealing etc.

Businesses must firstly identify the means of use for their inspections, determine clear expectations of devices life and consider what factors are needed to be catered to. The correct choice of mobile device will have huge influence on the productivity of employees, reduced rates of device failures and wireless transmission failures and a high percentage of maintenance covered by warranty.

pervidi choosing a mobile device for inspection

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Benefits of Paperless Inspection

Electronic inspection hits more birds with one stone as reporting happens in real time. Assessment and evaluations via mobile solutions and applications send out the data to management as its happening, cutting down time on data gathering/compilation, encoding, sorting, analysis and reporting through channels.

It is easier to pull out or access previous data/reports for comparative purposes, corrective actions, trends or further verification. Paperless safety inspection deems it unnecessary to go through channels but rather opens up the route of communication wherein all concerned management staff have access to the information in a timely manner or as it is happening.

benefits paperless digital inspection pervidi

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Implementing mobility within their business operations

When considering taking your business digital it’s important to remember the plethora of benefits if done correctly. Higher efficiency in both the workplace and more effective employees lead to better results, but only if there is a solid structured system in place to facilitate it. So what’s the best way to making sure you lead your business down the digital road safely? Find a digitally savvy, experienced company that has staff to guide you through the paperless process.

businesses implementing mobility pervidi

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The way to Automate your Inspection Process

Pervidi has continued to evolve and provide a customizable, automated solution to meet customers needs. By using Pervidi solution it saves both time, money and work efficiency through innovative features such as speech to text, real-time reporting, web portal, online databases, offline functionality, barcode reader just to name a few.

pervidi industrial pipeline inspection

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