In-Line Inspection using Digital

In-line manufacturing of products and goods in different shapes and sizes there are many things that can change, but according to basic principles, reducing waste is not something that differs. When it comes to packaging, many organisations follow what is known as the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) principle – getting the most return on your investment (ROI). 

In-Line Inspection using Mobile Inspection Applications pervidi

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Safety Inspection using Intrinsically Safe Mobile Devices

Conducting safety inspection processes through some mobile devices is unachievable for certain industries as worksites forbid the use of smartphones and tablets that are not certificated as being intrinsically safe as they are deemed dangerous to operate in hazardous areas (Zone 1 or Zone 2). It is currently mandatory for safety inspectors to carry intrinsically safe devices for hazardous areas when performing safety inspections in hazardous environments.

Intrinsically Safe Mobile Devices and Safety Inspections Application pervidi

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Paperless Ventilation Inspection & Workplace Safety

Ventilation systems are crucial to transferring potentially toxic fumes and circulating air for any building. Often, these key pieces of building infrastructure are overlooked when it comes to inspection updates or sometimes inspections at all. This raises many safety issues not only from their proficiency in circulating air but also their structural integrity. Digital ventilation inspection allows inspection personnel to take advantage of international standards such as ISO 16890, and other manuals or guides to keep ventilation systems safe and secure in the workplace.

Why Digital Ventilation Inspection is Central to Workplace Safety pervidi

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Building Inspection Post COVID

Standards Australia has long been a staple industry pillar for guidelines and best practice in several industry sectors. Building inspection and preparation for workers post COVID, is the latest topic that has been raised as important by Chief Executive Officer Adrian O’Connell; “We know that there is a lot to be considered when returning to a building, but it’s important environmental health is one that is not overlooked”. As some Australians return to work and others prepare to do so post the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s vital that workers understand the new restrictions but can also be protected in the best way possible through building inspection.

Building Inspection and Preparation for Workers Post COVID pervidi

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