Mobile Devices and ISO/TS 26030

Social responsibility may be the next thing all organisations and businesses want to properly master, but it doesn’t just entail how you interact with employees or attract new hires. That’s why the ISO, released ISO 26000 in 2010 to help to outline the details. However certain industries found that there was guidance missing or not specific enough to their operations. One such industry is the food industry, a pillar stone contributor to economies and life as we know it. Its therefore quite obviously imperative that the food industry runs efficiently, and ideally acts in a sustainable fashion to enhance the social responsibility. ISO have hence released ISO/TS 26030; titled ‘Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development – Guidance on Using ISO 26000:2010 in the Food Chain’.

ISO/TS 26030 and Digital Inspection Improving Food Chain Responsibility

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Mobile Device Data Collection and Inspection of Food

Mobile data collection is the process of collecting information via a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. This method of collection offers a wealth of advantages – it is fast, efficient, portable, allows for personalisation and consistency both in the field, and in the office.  The result of data being collected in the field is real time reporting and analysis, available both on the EHO’s device, and back in the office. 

Can mobile data collection and automation be the solution for food inspection in Australia pervidi

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Food Health and Safety and Digital Inspection

Australia is known for having a diverse cultural food landscape. With influences from many nations around the world, the variety and choice is plentiful. Whilst restaurants compete for the customer, it is important to remember the important of keeping everything in check. This is where proper food health and safety inspection is vital.

Food Health and Safety Inspection using Digital Checklists pervidi

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Merging Digital with Food and HACCP Inspection

Since the introduction of smartphones and tablets few years ago, the role of the mobile device has steadily increased from toys and gadgets used by early adopters to every day productivity tools deployed by organisations that aim to improve their work force productivity. Automation has become an important aspect of food safety inspections and many companies are moving to record their food safety inspections results on tablets and smartphones (Mobile devices). Food and HACCP inspection can become simple by using digital methods.

Food and HACCP inspection software using mobile device pervidi

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Food Inspecting with ISO 22000 and Paperless Inspection

The 2018 edition brings further clarification for food safety management systems worldwide, helping companies continuously improve their operational processes. The new edition standard contains requirements for any organisation in the food chain and sets out a clear method of successful management. By thorough identification, prevention and reduction, companies and organisations can minimise the effect of food-borne hazards entering the supply chain. The latest edition of ISO 22000 replaces the dated 2005 edition, organisations certified to the old standard have 3 years from publication to move over to new practices.

Combining ISO 22000 with Paperless Inspection pervidi

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