Property Inspection using Digital Applications

This can mean inspecting it so that your business does not need to invest in repairs or as part of a pre-leasing rental agreement with a potential tenant. Letting a property for a tenant or performing mandatory building inspections follows the same basic principles of pre-use or within-use checks. Buildings need to adhere to legal safety standards for certain use, amongst general standards related to construction and upkeep.

Property Inspection using Paperless Applications pervidi

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Public Facility Inspection using Paperless Solutions

Today the solution for these needs is the mobile inspection solution, provided through the marriage of a mobile device in smartphone or tablet form with an inspection application. Premium solutions provide features such as photo taking through the devices’ camera and then further annotation using the touchscreen or stylus. This allows for highly detailed information to be captured regarding e.g. cleanliness conditions and what needs managing or whether there is excessive wear on a safety restraint. 

Public Facility Inspection using Mobile Devices pervidi

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Transforming Facility Maintenance Management with Tech

Integrating the tangible and intangible whilst ensuring everything is performing at its best is difficult without digital facility maintenance management. Mobile devices are fast becoming the top tool that organisations are choosing to implement to deal with this. Whilst there are countless different items and things that facility managers must keep track of, the introduction of paperless checklists and digital management solutions is proving highly successful. Companies within the petroleum, agriculture and construction industries are all reaping the benefits of choosing to go paperless.

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Facility Maintenance Inspection Done Digitally

It can mean you’re inspecting warehouse storing your retail stock or it can mean you’re inspecting a nuclear power plant. Whatever the facility maintenance inspection that is being carried out, the key principles remain the same: Ensure that your facility complies with industry standards; ensure that it is a safe operating environment for your employees and ensure that it is maximising its capability.

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Flooding Prevention and Water Damage Digital Inspection

During certain seasonal periods flooding and water damage can be a problem that certain businesses and organisations must face. Not only does it become an issue of damage prevention but also one of employee and asset safety. No individual can control the weather, but what can be controlled to some extent is the water damage that is caused by it.

Digital Flooding Prevention and Water Damage Inspection pervidi

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