Mobile Inspection for Security & Safety at Sports Events and Venues

The backdrop to a great event lies in the venue, staff and management procedures that make everything happen. Several of Australia’s stadia and sporting grounds are often large complex structures requiring top-level maintenance or constant safety and security inspections. This is none the less true for smaller arenas and pitches with many having outdated facilities or procedures.  Contemporary safety inspections at sports events now prefer to make use of digital inspection checklists in favour of the aged paper print method. Inspection software is making a big impact in the industry.

Security and Safety Inspections at Sports Events and Venues – Ensuring Top Performances

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Safe Music Festivals & Events with Mobile Device Inspection

Contemporary festivals and music performances are a result of effective organisation and supervision. High-end equipment and intricate procedures require careful management, inspection and oversight. This is not only for the part of the event that the consumer experiences, but also everything that happens backstage and surrounding the event in logistics before, during and after the event. Digital music event inspections is the leading way forward today.

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Environmental and Ecogeneration Inspection with Mobile Devices

There never has been a more pressing time to be environmentally conscious. With more and more pressure on organisations and businesses from government or international accords such as the Paris Climate Accord, the need to modernise is all too apparent.

Paperless Environmental and Ecogeneration Inspection pervidi

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Electrical and Electronics Safety Inspection using Paperless Solutions

The modern workplace is an ever-changing environment. As new technology and machinery become available and more heavily integrated, the importance of keeping a tight check on the workplace tools has never been so important. Electrical and electronics safety is a fundamental part of safety management procedures within any building, factory or facility.

Electrical and Electronics Safety Inspection using Mobile Devices pervidi

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Corrosion Control Engineering Inspection using Mobile Devices

In the wait for industry standards such as that from the International Organization for Standards (ISO), ISO/DIS 23123 and ISO/DIS 23222, its vital to consider what can be done to improve inspection methodology with a wider view. Although industry standards can give precise instructions in how to carry out inspections, good industry practice suggests that organisations and businesses should take a responsible view of their corrosion control engineering inspection.

Corrosion Control Engineering Inspection using Paperless Solutions pervidi

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