Bringing Paperless Inspections to your Business

Bringing digital into your business can go as far as scheduling your entire organisational strategy, conducting automatic analysis of any data fed into a system or simplifying your operational asset management. Today one of the central ways businesses are bringing digital into their methods is to implement digital inspection systems alongside a CMMS.

power of bringing digital pervidi

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Digital Within Business Operations is permanent

They revolutionise what they can control behind the scenes. In a sense embracing digital within business within the organisational side often means the consumer can get better value from their product, service or offering. It likely costs your organisation less to provide due to the numerous advantages and improvements that digital brings. So if not for your own sake, why not embrace digital within business for the sake of the customer?

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Inspection Management Technology

Using the features of a mobile device like the camera, the inspector or user can take pictures as evidence or scan barcodes for quick information. The touchscreen is perfect for rapid data entry, annotating aforementioned images or make drawings and illustrations. The application also makes use of technology like an offline reporting to make sure inspectors are truly unrestricted, and simple attachment of reference material to specific sub-parts of checklists. Inspectors will have all the information and data they need to make decisions and record information as well as possible.

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Winter Maintenance with Paperless Applications

Paperless inspection solutions allow inspectors to make use of a mobile device and its features to record data in different ways possible to the inspector using pen and paper. Smartphone or tablet functions such as the camera and touchscreen can be used to record visual information rather than relying on written descriptions. This is particularly useful in winter inspections as recordings can be made against previous inspections in a similar time period (also made possible thanks to integrated GPS timestamps) and hence the wear and tear of assets or machinery can be judged.

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Five Reasons for Digital Methods in Inspection

This article explores the reasons why an increasing amount of businesses are choosing to implement digital methods in inspection. Paperless checklists are already currently being used for occupational health and safety (OHS), facility management, asset maintenance, quality assurance, compliance and CMMS/work order.

Five Reasons why you should Implement Digital Methods in Inspection pervidi

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Physical Distance Alerts and mobile inspection; Pervidi upgrades

“One of the benefits of the new feature is that the information is stored within the Pervidi database and is only accessible by the Pervidi administrator.  Pervidi is the only paperless safety and inspection solution that offers this powerful, useful, and private functionality,” says Eitan Shibi, Chief Technology Officer at Techs4Biz.

pervidi physical distance alerts

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Physical Distancing at the Workplace

Many workplaces are now taking new measures to mitigate risk and to ensure their business operations will not be interrupted. By introducing tracing report software to the workplace, employees will be alerted when physical distancing have not been followed and if an employee has been tested positive for COVID-19.

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A Comparative Look at Inspection Software

When considering your business processes, it’s important to avoid overspending and making sure you get a good solution and ROI. For inspection services, it’s easy to think that printing out paper checklists or choosing a free paperless app, is a cheap sure-fire way to minimising costs. This way of thinking might not seem so straightforward and correct when a safety issue slips through and strikes or an asset malfunctions leaving you with high maintenance, legal or reparation costs.

Why Invest in Your Inspection Software? – A Comparative Look at why it Pays to go Premium

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Digital Field Service Application

By becoming a more mobile and digital workforce, Field technicians can work more efficiently, utilising the features of the  tablets or the smart phones to easily complete checklists, access reference manuals, capture defects and report in real-time to clients. Paperless field service application allows real time automation and increased service providers’ efficiency.

Paperless Field Service Application pervidi

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Digital Forms and Inspection

Electronic paperless inspections can be based on pre-defined checklists which reference standards and guidelines and ensure that all required information is easily accessible. For example, some of our customers use a variety of standards such as Australian standards, BCA, OSHA Construction Safety  which link their inspection findings with the appropriate regulations. Electronic references of such requirements save an enormous amount of time and ensure that reporting is timely and accurate.

Electronic Forms and Paperless Inspection Management Solution pervidi

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