Distribution and Logistics Inspection through Paperless Solutions

Work orders can be distributed remotely to inspectors, whilst automated corrective actions can be set up for employees to reduce the time lag between issue discovery and mitigation. Maintenance teams benefit from the information sharing and analysis of data as the insights can inform the best course of action for vehicles or equipment management. Whilst there are many benefits outlined above for distribution and logistics inspection, the real value is realised when it is applied to your specific needs and requirements.

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Bulk Materials Handling and Paperless Inspection

Adept bulk materials handling inspection is one of the ways in organisations and large corporations are ensuring resources are getting where they need to go, when they need to go there and that everything I following strict quality adherence. The maintenance and management of large handling fleets involving cranes, dumper trucks moving floors etc., can be a complex process. Paperless inspection and CMMS/Work Order systems are proving to be the answer making everything simple.

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Digital Amusement Park Inspection Software

Pervidi software is tailored individually to each business, meaning that different inspection procedures can be implemented into your businesses operations to not only improve safety, but overall efficiency. The added benefit is the removal of paper lists which often provided inaccurate data and needed to stored.

Amusement Park Inspection Software pervidi

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Inspections are Becoming a Business Cornerstone

For inspectors and regular employees, there is the possibility to gain more understanding of how to minimise operational risk through best practice sharing. For management it gives numbers that can be actioned upon, either directly or after it has been put against the historical catalogue of reports of that type stored in the system. This means that a manager can pull up records and comparisons from his laptop or mobile on the way to a meeting within a few seconds, rather than calling the right personnel to get to that storage facility, sift through all the documents and then make a legible and understandable comparison.

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Bringing Paperless Inspections to your Business

Bringing digital into your business can go as far as scheduling your entire organisational strategy, conducting automatic analysis of any data fed into a system or simplifying your operational asset management. Today one of the central ways businesses are bringing digital into their methods is to implement digital inspection systems alongside a CMMS.

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Digital Within Business Operations is permanent

They revolutionise what they can control behind the scenes. In a sense embracing digital within business within the organisational side often means the consumer can get better value from their product, service or offering. It likely costs your organisation less to provide due to the numerous advantages and improvements that digital brings. So if not for your own sake, why not embrace digital within business for the sake of the customer?

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Inspection Management Technology

Using the features of a mobile device like the camera, the inspector or user can take pictures as evidence or scan barcodes for quick information. The touchscreen is perfect for rapid data entry, annotating aforementioned images or make drawings and illustrations. The application also makes use of technology like an offline reporting to make sure inspectors are truly unrestricted, and simple attachment of reference material to specific sub-parts of checklists. Inspectors will have all the information and data they need to make decisions and record information as well as possible.

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Winter Maintenance with Paperless Applications

Paperless inspection solutions allow inspectors to make use of a mobile device and its features to record data in different ways possible to the inspector using pen and paper. Smartphone or tablet functions such as the camera and touchscreen can be used to record visual information rather than relying on written descriptions. This is particularly useful in winter inspections as recordings can be made against previous inspections in a similar time period (also made possible thanks to integrated GPS timestamps) and hence the wear and tear of assets or machinery can be judged.

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